This might surprise you, but the average person who is neither overweight nor noticeably allergic to things is carrying around 5 to 25 pounds of dried fecal matter in their digestive system. Overweight and allergic people may be harboring a lot more than that! Mucus forming foods, junk foods, white flour, and bad digestion can cause a buildup of sticky substances which, along with existing accumulated waste matter, adheres to the walls of the intestines and colon. This mucus not only restricts nutrient adsorption, but it’s a perfect breeding ground for parasites, which can become a source of toxic poisoning in your blood stream. It is impossible to live in the U.S. without being toxic to some degree. Even though the government sets allegedly safe levels for exposure to certain chemicals, it is common for residues to exceed levels by 500%.

In the environment for which we were designed, our natural detoxification system may be adequate. But we now breathe polluted air, drink polluted water, eat contaminated foods and absorb toxic substances through our skin. We are exposed to so many toxins day in and day out that our natural system is often not enough.

Cells soak up toxic materials from the blood like a sponge. They accumulate in your brain, nerves, body fat, liver, skin, heart, lungs, and intestinal tract. As you accumulate more and more toxin, your repair and detoxification’s capacity decreases even more.

Toxicity can cause problems such as headaches, constipation, diarrhea, skin problems, frequent congestion, low back pain, lower resistance to infections, low energy, insomnia, the need to sleep longer, depression, gas, allergies, PMS, vaginal infections and many others.

Detoxification is the body’s natural process of removing toxins, waste, and metabolic by-products. It’s a longevity-developing process introduced by evolution to help man live longer. Nature has given us a highly developed detoxification system. The liver, which deactivates most poisons in the body. The kidney’s filter toxins out of the blood into the urine. The skin sweats and excretes biological waste into the air. The colon eliminates toxic waste in the feces. The immune system counteracts foreign and self-generated toxins in blood and cells. Consuming Antioxidants deactivates harmful free radicals that damage and age cells. Cleansing the inside of our bodies can help in many ways.

What can you do to cleanse your body? Going on a de-aging/detox program helps eliminate and distinctly reduces stored toxins that accumulate in the human body. It’s like a spring-cleaning for your inner environment, and like a spring-cleaning it’s best to do it once or twice a year. Afterwards you should feel more alert, mentally sharper, more energetic, and a lot healthier.

Problems associated with toxicity may start to disappear. A daily maintenance plan of detoxification supplements, foods and lifestyle guidelines is also recommended. For more information on going on a cleansing program or attending a free cleansing seminar contact Rhonda Donahue, PhD., Certified Nutritionist and author of “The Pollution Inside You”  What is your Body Dying to Say?  714-863-5959

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