screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-1-06-58-pmThe epitome of maintaining a healthy life is to maintain a healthy immune system. Our immune system is in charge of expelling free radicals, cancer cells, etc. on a daily basis in order to keep our bodies healthy. It is when our immune system is jeopardized, that is when we become sick. In order to maintain a healthy immune system we must focus on three things: improving our nutrition; stress reduction; and emotional healing.

Multiple nutritional deficiencies will weaken the immune system, making it susceptible to illness and disease. In order to improve our nutrient intake, we must utilize the highest quality of supplements and foods, particularly organic. Foods such as oregano oil, olive leaf extract, grapefruit seed extract, garlic, organic foods, and organic vegetables help to boost the immune system.

Oregano oil has been proven to be a potent immune booster. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants you could absorb, and it protects our cells from free radical damage. Use 1 to 3 drops 3 times a day in order to supercharge your immune system and maintain good health.

Olive leaf extract does the work in stimulating your immune system to destroy disease. It inactivates pathogens without harming “good” gut bacteria, and when taken before exposure to an infection risk, will dull of obstruct an attack giving your immune system time to produce antibodies suitable to fight it.

Grapefruit seed extract has been advocated to be a powerful antimicrobial with proven activity against bacteria and fungi.

Garlic has been deemed an immunity-boosting superstar, powerful enough to wipe out bacteria and infection. One clove contains 5mg of calcium, 12 mg of potassium, and more than 100 sulfuric compounds which has also been proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and kill parasites in the body.

Fresh and organic vegetables and fruits will help put the body into an alkaline environment. They also contain live enzymes for building healthy cells.

With building a healthy immune system, we must also regulate and decrease our stress. In the natural stress response, when we are stressed, our body releases cortisol which alters immune system responses and suppresses the digestive system, the reproductive system, and growth processes. This makes us more susceptible to illness and disease. In order to reduce the stress we can do such activities as simple as taking the time to breathe deeply, meditate, reach out to others, or doing even the simplest of exercise. Keeping stress controlled will allow us to build a stronger immune system.

In order to maintain a healthy immune system, we must also undergo emotional healing. Sometimes events in our lives such as trauma or family issues will burden our emotional health when we let it go unresolved. Emotions affect our bodies because they’re linked to our immune, endocrine, and central nervous systems, and when we allow unresolved grief or anger consume us, we are putting our immune system at risk of catching illness or disease. In order to undergo emotional healing we must allow ourselves to openly feel our emotions, to cry when we need to cry, laugh when we need to laugh. Massages also help, and being mindful of our actions will help as well.

Therefore, the key to attaining a healthy life, is to maintain a healthy immune system and we can do so when we improve our nutrition by watching what we intake, reduce our stress, and undergo emotional healing.


Rhonda Donahue PhD. Author of “The Pollution Inside You!” & “New Zealand’s Natural Health Remedy”  Direct Line (714)863-5959