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Tired of Dieting Failures?

If you are like countless millions of others, the more you have “dieted” over the years, the
heavier you have become. In fact, most seriously overweight people are really not interested in weight loss programs… because they are tired of failure.

The ugly truth about “Quick Fixes” is the first weight loss on a typical low calorie diet is, of
course, water loss. Since a pound of fat is 3500 calories, and a person’s caloric needs for a day are often considerably less, it might take two days of absolute fasting for a woman to
metabolize a pound of body fat. Even a man, whose caloric intake needs might be much higher, would usually take over a day on a fasting regimen to metabolize a pound of fat. When people fall for the enticing, “quick fix” promises, they are usually experiencing an artificial weight drop, which is largely temporary water loss or — -worse yet– -muscle tissue.

Here is a sensible approach for you. While the importance of adopting a sensible moderate
calorie allotment of well-balanced food that provides the minimum recommended daily
allowances is vital, a special element with tremendously exciting potential for permanent
weight management gained international prominence when Olympic athletes publicized its use.

This magic element is L-carnitine.

Fat Burning

L-carnitine’s major role in the body is to shuttle fats into the mitochondria where they are
burned for energy. Mitochondria are actually the “fat-burning chambers” within the body’s cells. Without L-carnitine, fat cannot enter the inner cell to be metabolized.

Appetite Suppressant

L-carnitines promotes fat-burning, which results in higher energy levels and a sense of well-being. It also acts as a mild appetite suppressant. It is the only non-surgical way to successfully spot-reduce, because L-carnitine triggers the metabolism of fat in areas where it is collected!

Muscle Tone

Besides being a fat burner, an appetite suppressant, and an energy promoter, L-carnitine is also recognized for its ability to promote improved muscle tone.

Become Slimmer and Healthier

Since lean muscle tissue burns approximately five times as many calories as fatty tissue, the introduction of L-carnitine into the diet can assist you in permanently becoming slimmer if you have excess body fat, and healthier all over with a strengthened heart muscle.

EXTRA TIP: Besides L-carnitine, another key element for fat metabolizing and for regulating blood sugar levels is GTF-Chromium. GTF Chromium has helped thousands of people control sugar cravings, and tests have proved that it lowers serum cholesterol too!

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